grace of eights mental health education

There is no magic wand when it comes to dealing with the troubled or troubling thoughts, emotions and behavior that intermittently plague us all; there are just more skillful and less skillful ways of handling it. Come and learn some skillful ways.

About us

 Hi I'm Fiona Kidd, Grace of Eights Extraordinary Events is my events and training business. My workshops are highly interactive with scenarios that suit a range of real-life situations both work-related and personal. I encourage conversation and exploration of the topic while keeping the group on track and focused on learning in a safe and inclusive environment. Group rules are set up early and I foster a learning environment that supports every participant to feel they can contribute to the group learning, this provides a unique and enriching experience of peer to peer support and builds a deeper understanding of the topic.      Feedback from past students:      "Fiona was fantastic, she made the contents of the course really interesting and fun to learn. I loved the stress balls and all the little toys (splattering Brain) Fiona brought to make the course fun and entertaining. I really enjoyed doing the MHFA course. "Was able to bring the discussion back to topic when the group went off topic. Reinforced the importance of support and giving information instead of diagnosing which was an important key I got from the end of the session"      "Fiona was absolutely fantastic. Excellent facilitation skills and thorough knowledge of course content with helpful examples from her own experience."      

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